Thurlby Herb Farm – Terra Bella Clothing Protector


Hang this Gum Blossom fragranced sachet in your cupboard to naturally perfume and freshen your clothing while repelling insects.

Made in Australia.

Thurlby Herb Farm is a family based business tucked away in the Southern forests of Western Australia, Perth. Thurlby grows herbs and manufactures soap for exclusive handmade products. With a range of herbal blends and handmade soaps developed using traditional botanical knowledge, a thriving garden and surrounding forests. Thurlby products contain no synthetic additives, no parabens, or lauryl sulphates. Thurlby is founded on strong environmental and ethical principles with their product packaging predominantly made from recycled cotton fibre – a by product from the clothing industry. This is a great product to have in the home and to gift for any occasion.




Blossom Blue, Blossom Cream, Eucalyptus Cream, Eucalyptus Green, Eucalyptus Yellow, Native Green, Native Sage, Native Yellow