Scented Diffuser


Raine & Humble diffuser available in five different scents.  Your set includes an attractive ceramic vase with scented oil and contrasting black reeds.

The ceramic vase measures 11 cm in height and 6 cm in diameter.  Each of the 8 black reeds measure 23 cm in length and are made from a combination of cotton and polyester.

200ml bottle of scented oil – 15% concentrated oil and 85% plant derived oil combined with a 100% natural solvent and no alcohol or water

Your oil should last for 6 months.  We recommend turning the sticks once per week, for larger rooms or for a stronger scent turn all reeds together and for a more subtle infusion of scent turn only a few at a time.  To prolong the life of your diffuser, place away from extreme temperatures

Also available soy wax scented candles in a both a large ceramic canister and smaller glass jar as well as fragrance oils.  You can view the entire Raine & Humble Home Fragrance collection right here.